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Omnisafe International's primary aim is to provide a range of specialist services and products for the aviation industry, civil and military.

By focusing on our clients requirements we are able to deliver professional, innovative and cost effective solutions in a timely manner.

OmniSafe International has also developed the OSMS range of Safety Management System Databases that provide clients with a comprehensive means of implementing and developing Safety Managment Systems within their organisations.

Our new OSMS Platinum web based application is now in use with a number of clients. The OSMS Platinum application can either be self hosted or hosted by Omnisafe and is available as a single user or multiple user system. Please select the Databases tab for further information. 


"To achieve excellence through meeting and exceeding our client's expectations in a professional and dependable manner"

Pelita Air of Indoonesia upgardes to OSMS Platinum
Pelita Air of Indonesia, OmniSafe's Indonesian launch customer for OSMS Gold, has elected to upgrade to OmniSafe's new web based OSMS Platinum SMS database application. Pelita Air was OmniSafe's Indonesian launch customer for their OSMS Gold database application in 2005. OSMS Platinum will enable Pelita-Air to further develop their established Saftey Management System to take advantage of the web based performance and enhanced features of OSMS Platinum.
Lion & Wings Air of Indonesia upgrade to OSMS Platinum
Lion Air of Indonesia has been a long term user of OmniSafe's SMS database products and services. For the last three years Lion Air has used OmniSafe's OSMS Gold SMS database application and they have now elected to upgrade to the new OSMS Platinum web based SMS database application. Lion Air's domestic partner Wings Air has also elected to utilise the OSMS Platinum application and this will enable both companies to synergise their SMS applications.
Kershal Aviation and OmniSafe International
Kershal Aviation has become OmniSafe's African representative for the OSMS Platinum Safety Management System database application. Kershal Aviation offer a wide range of aviation related services and have extensive expertise in assiting organisations to implement Safety Management Systems. Kersahl Aviation can also offer external SMS management services utilising the OSMS Platinum SMS database application.
Mega Maldives implements OSMS Platinum SMS
Mega Maldives a new B767 Charter operator operating from Male in the Maldives has selected OmniSafe's OSMS Platinum SMS database application to assist in implementing and developing their SMS.
Allegiance-Air South Africa
Allegiance-Air of South Africa has become OmniSafe's OSMS Platinum's launch customer for this region. Allegiance-Air is one of South Africa's leading charter organisations with operations throughout Africa and the Middle East.
Omnisafe gains IS-BAO auditor accreditation
OmniSafe International has recently obtained IS-BAO auditor accreditation and can now offer IS-BAO audit services to operators. The International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) was formally introduced and made available to the business aviation community at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibit (EBACE) in Geneva, May 2002. IS-BAO is rapidly gaining recognition from operators and regulators alike as a means of meeting a practical and internationally recogised aviation standard. For further information please visit or conatct us directly.
OSMS Platinum Occurrence Report Upgrade
OSMS Platinum ASIR (Air Safety Incident Report) Occurrence Reports have now been upgraded to reflect current regulatory report requirements. The OSMS Platinum database has a unique function whereby mandatory reports can be readily converted into any regultaory bodies report format. This enables operators to select which regulator they need to report an occurrence to and then submit a report in that regulator's format.
Premiair of Indonesia upgrade to OSMS Platinum
One of OmniSafe's established OSMS Gold database users has just announced that they are upgrading their current OSMS Gold Safety Management System database to the new OSMS Platinum web based application. Premiair have been using OmniSafe's Gold application for a number of years to record and investigate occurrences, conducts audits and manage safety and quality issues within their company. The new OSMS Platinum web based application will provide an improved safety and quality oversight of their operation providing company management with the means to identify safety/quality issues and implement any required actions.
QAS Aviation Consultants International of Macau select OmniSafe' OSMS Platinum database application
QAS Aviation Consultants International of Macau have selected OmniSafe's Platinum hosted database application. The OSMS Platinum database application will enable QAS to provide their clients with a managed Quality/SMS service.
OmniSafe adds new HIRA (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment) module
OmniSafe has implemented a new HIRA (Hazard Identification Risk Assessment) Module in the new Platinum OSMS web based database application.
AVIASTAR of Indonesia becomes latest OSMS Platinum SMS database customer
AVIASTAR of Indonesia has become the Indonesian launch customer of the new OSMS Platinum Web Based SMS database system.