Emergency Response Plan and Exercise

It is important to have an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in place which provides management and staff with a set of procedures to follow in the event of an accident, serious incident or an abnormal occurrence beyond the scope of routine operations.

An ERP should include:

  • Orderly and efficient transition from normal to emergency operations,
  • Delegation of emergency authorities,
  • Assignment of emergency responsibilities,
  • Authorisation by key personnel for actions contained in the ERP,
  • Coordination of efforts to cope with an emergency, and
  • Safe continuation of operations or return to normal operations as soon as possible.

We can provide short term and long term Emergency Response support services which can include:

  • ERP development and implementation,
  • Emergency Response Flowchart,
  • Emergency Response Checklists,
  • Emergency Response Exercises,
  • Emergency Exercise Reports, and
  • Emergency Response Training.