OmniSafe International is an Australian company that began operations in 2000 with a primary aim of providing a range of specialist services and products for the aviation industry, civil and military.

Since that time OmniSafe has grown as a company and now provides an extensive range of services including:
- Safety Management System development, implementation, training and management including the Omnisafe SMS database application (OSMS),
- Aviation Auditing, including IOSA and IS-BAO pre-certification and IS-BAO Fixed and Rotary Wing certification audits,
- Occurrence investigations,
- Aviation Auditing including IS-BAO audits and IS-BAH audits,
- Risk Management,
- Transport Security Plan (TSP) development and implementation,
- Emergency & Crisis Response Plans and Procedures,
- Manual and procedures development,
- Aviation Related Training (Safety Management Implementation, Safety Investigation and Human Factors (CRM/TEM, Engineering and Ground handling training),
- Specialist consulting services, and
- Contracted management services (e.g. Safety Manager, Quality Manager, Security Manager etc).

OmniSafe staff have extensive and varied backgrounds within the aviation industry, civil and military, including flight operations, engineering and ground handling within Australia and overseas.

OmniSafe OSMS database applications are used by numerous aviation organisations. The OSMS database applications enable these organisations to successfully implement and manage their Safety Management System requirements in an effective manner and one in which meets regulatory acceptance. It also enables an organisation to integrate quality, security, WHS and environmental requirements into their SMS to provide a comprehensive management solution.


We believe in honesty, integrity, and delivering the best possible service to our clients.


Our mission is to provide a range of specialist services and products in a timely and professional manner.


We set a very high level of quality for ourselves in everything that we do. We believe in delivering a high level of customer service, and that our clients deserve the best from us.


Our clients include Airline operators, Charter Operators, Freight Operators, Helicopter Operators, Emergency Medical Service Operators, Maintenance Organisations, Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisations and Ground Handling Organisations.


Mark Lilley

【Managing Director】
OmniSafe International was founded by Mark Lilley with an aim of offering a range of specialist services and products for the aviation industry, civil and military.
Mark has extensive and varied backgrounds and qualifications within the aviation industry, including flight operations, engineering and ground handling both within Australia and overseas.
This has included:
- Development and implementation of Safety Management Systems for aviation organisations (Flt Ops, Maint, and Ground Ops).
- Oversight, technical development and management of the OSMS database applications for organisations, including implementation and training.
- Contract management of organisation’s Safety, Quality and Compliance departments. (This has included managing the Human Factors department [Safety & Compliance] for a major regional airline that also included military and flying school operations and AOC management)
- Conducting independent investigations, audits and risk assessments for organisations. Note: This has included IS-BAO Stage 1, 2 & 3 audits and Oil Gas Petroleum (OGP) Fixed & Rotary Wing audits.
- Development and implementation of Safety Investigator training programs and training delivery for organisations.
- Development and implementation of Human Factors (CRM/TEM, Maintenance & Ground) programs and training delivery for organisations.
- Development and implementation of Emergency Response Plans (ERPs) and training/exercises for organisations.
- Development and implementation of Transport Security Programs (TSPs) for organisations.
- Development and implementation of operator Flight Operations Manuals, SOPs, Part 42, Part 145 and Part 142 expositions, FBO manuals and procedures and SMS manuals.

James Pilkington

【Safety & Quality Manager / Subject Matter Expert】
Jim has extensive aviation experience gained during his career which includes CASA, airline, corporate, private and military aviation maintenance and operations, including:

• Documenting and establishing the systems, manuals and procedures required for aviation regulatory approvals and certificates.
• Assistance with the application for the grant of aviation maintenance and aircraft operation certificates and the ongoing management for compliance and the renewal of the certificates.
• Integration of management systems for the minimisation of duplication of effort and maximisation of cost and performance efficiencies.
• Negotiation with regulatory authorities, customers, suppliers and OEMs for best safety, compliance and commercial outcomes.
• Auditing of aviation organisations for quality and safety compliance in maintenance and maintenance related activities.

Qualifications and positions held:

• Responsible Manager for Quality and Safety under Australia CASA Part 145 and EASA Part 145 Certificates.
• Responsible Manager (Fit and Proper Person) for Quality under New Zealand Parts 19F and Part 145 Certificates.
• Responsible Manager for Quality under FAA Part 145 Repair Station Certificate.
• Quality Manager under ISO9001 Certificate.
• Quality Manager under Australia Defence Force Certificates.
• Authorised for limited Part 21 Design activities under a CASA Part 21M Certificate.
• CASA Airworthiness Inspector.
• CASA Part 66 B2 Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Cyndi Liang

【Safety & Quality Systems / Technical Development Manager】
Cyndi is an experienced aviation professional possessing significant operational experience across many fields, including safety management, incident investigation, auditing, flight operations, maintenance, ground operations, training and project management whilst working for various aviation operators, fixed and rotary wing within Australia and overseas.

Cyndi currently holds roles reporting directly to AOC, Part 42 CAMO, Part 145 AMO and Ground Handling Accountable Managers and holds Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulatory approvals as a Safety Manager and Quality Manager post holder positions for AOCs, Part 42 and Part 145 organisations.

Phil Robertson

【Aviation Safety Auditor & Investigator 】
Phil is an experienced aviation safety auditor, and has conducted many audits, including evaluation of compliance and/or conformity with the international standards and recommended practices, industry-standard audit programs, such as IS-BAO, FSF BARS, WYVERN, and client-specified requirements, including IAGSA and IOGP. His audit experience includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing operations, and has mainly involved aviation operations in the resource sector.
Phil is also a qualified and experienced aircraft accident investigator. He has broad experience in a wide variety of geographic and cross-cultural environments, including Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, South Africa, Timor Leste, United Arab Emirates, USA and Yemen.