Consulting and Support

Omnisafe provide aviation consulting services, including: 

  • SMS development, implementation and management
  • OSMS Database  application management 
  • Operational and Technical Investigations
  • Auditing
  • Risk Management
  • Aviation Training
  • Aircraft Ground Handling
  • Assisting operators with applying for Operator Approvals (e.g. AOC, Maintenance Organisation Approval, CAMO Approval)
  • Transport Security Program development and implementation
  • Drug and Alcohol Management Plan development and implementation
  • Emergency Response Plan development and implementation

We have liaised on behalf of operators with various National Aviation Authorities (e.g. CASA, CAAC, HK CAD, Macau CAA, CAAC), Airservices Australia, ATSB, Aviation Maritime Security Office (Australia).

We also provide aviation consulting and technical services for Airstrip/Aerodrome related projects, including:

  • Aerodrome Registration/Certification;
  • Airstrip upgrade;
  • Aerodrome Safety Inspection;
  • Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) Survey;
  • RNAV development and implementation;
  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer (ARO) training.