OSMS Database

OSMS Database Application

OmniSafe International has developed the OSMS range of Safety Management System Databases that will provide operators with a comprehensive and compliant means of implementing and developing a Safety Management System (SMS) within their organisation.

OmniSafe International’s database applications are supported by our IT Services division "Sentralis". Our IT specialists provide for:
- Continual improvement of our Databases products
- Network Design, Implementation and Support
- Contract and Ad-Hoc Onsite Support
- End User/Help Desk Support (telephone,email & remote access)
- Web Design & Development
- Web Hosting Solutions


The OSMS Platinum+ web based database application enables clients to effectively manage Safety, Quality and Security issues.

Systems Features include:

  • Ability to submit, store and manage safety & quality reports
  • Search, collate & analyse reports
  • Conduct investigations with associated findings, causes and actions.
  • Conduct audits with associated findings, causes and actions
  • Trend analysis of safety & quality reports, audits and investigation results
  • Track investigation & audit agreed actions
  • Trend analysis of safety & quality reports, audit and investigation results
  • Generate management reports for review
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) tools
  • Management Reports
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) Reports
  • Regulatory Reporting Capability
  • Service Defect Reporting Capability
  • Hosted or self hosted versions available
  • Single or multi user versions
  • Customised security access levels
  • User friendly, menu driven for quick, simple and easy database use




OmniSafe International’s expertise in SMS also enables us to offer complete SMS turn-key packages to clients that include:

- OSMS Database Programs
- OSMS Database Training
- SMS Manuals
- SMS Training
- External Management of an organisation’s SMS